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Cybersecurity Competitions & Gaming

Season III, US Cyber Games: An Overview

The United States faces a critical shortage of well-qualified cyber talent. While attracting students to computer science programs is a crucial first step, additional, complementary programming is needed to truly begin to close this workforce gap.

The US Cyber Games program looks to serve this need via practical, hands-on experience with current and emerging technologies provided through cybersecurity competitions and games. These competitions support traditional academic pathways, and widen the net by engaging new and different populations with opportunities to learn more about the field, develop skills, gain invaluable experience, and establish connections with industry professionals.

In this webinar you will learn:

The importance of cybersecurity competitions and games

About the US Cyber Games program, who is behind it, and why

What's scheduled for Season III and how to get involved

Why teams from across the globe come together for international competition and how you can take part

Your Presenter

BRAD WOLFENDEN, Director of Cyber Sports, PlayCyber by Katzcy