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US Cyber Games  FAQS

Frequently asked questions about the US Cyber Games will be updated often. 


About the  Program

Who is behind the US Cyber Games & Team?

What need does the program address?

What is the program timeline?


About Being a  Cyber Athlete

What do I need to be an athlete?

What are the benefits?

Why a career in cyber?


Application  Process

How can I register to compete?

What are the costs involved in the program?

How will I know I’m selected?


About the  US Cyber Open
&  Combine 

US Cyber Open CTF May 28 - June 11, 2021

US Cyber Combine Invitational July 6 - September 3, 2021

How will I know I’m selected for the US Cyber Combine Invitational?


About the  US Cyber Team

2021 US Cyber Team Draft (throughout September)

What training do athletes receive?

What is the International Cybersecurity Challenge (ICC)?


About  Coaching 

What are the requirements to be a Coach?

What is the time commitment to be a Coach?

How do I apply to be a Coach?

About the US Cyber Team  Logo

Did you notice the elements in the US Cyber Team logo? 


About  COVID-19  Safety Protocols

What are the COVID-19 Protocols?


Who do I  Contact  for More Information?

Information about cyber athletes

Information about coaching

Information about sponsorships

Media Contact

Information for fans


What's  Being Said  About the US Cyber Games & Team?

Cyber Games Offer Competitive Challenges

July 19, 2021

Did the Cybersecurity Workforce Gap Distract Us From the Leak?

July 14, 2021

US Cyber Games Welcomes Leidos as Champion Sponsor of Inaugural Season

July 14, 2021