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Congratulations to US Cyber Games® Accelerated Training Program Inductees

US Cyber Games November 23, 2021
Announcing US Cyber Games Accelerated Training Program

The US Cyber Games Accelerated Training Program has been established to identify high-potential athletes who would benefit from special access to cybersecurity education, training, and mentoring.

Developed in collaboration with 2021–22 CTF Coach Jasmine Jackson, the US Cyber Games Accelerated Training Program is a limited seat, by coach invitation only, program for fourteen US Cyber Combine athletes who demonstrated drive and potential during the competition, but may benefit from additional cybersecurity training and mentoring. The program aims to better train and mentor individuals interested in cybersecurity professions.

"I'm so honored by the US Cyber Games, and my fellow coaches for believing in my vision of the Accelerated Training Program,” states Coach Jackson. “My goal for the program is to increase representation of women and historically underrepresented groups in the cybersecurity space. My fellow coaches and I cannot wait to start working with the athletes and are looking forward to growing the Accelerated Training Program for years to come."

Inductees to this exclusive training program will take part in a six-month training schedule that includes small group mentorship with the coaches. Training can be renewed by the coaches based on the participants’ continued dedication and progress. Athletes who perform well in the program are automatically invited to the next season’s US Cyber Combine.

A Scholarship Program has been designated for an exclusive subset of these athletes that includes:

  • 90-day access to HackTheBox (HTB) software
  • 90-day access to TryHackMe (THM) software
  • 90-day access to Offensive Security’s PEN-200 course with OSCP exam voucher

Congratulations to the following inductees:

André Castillo, Anna Elder, Katilyn Hepler, Brandon Hernandez, Matthew Lin, Joe-Allen Nunez, Jude O'Kain, Melvin Orienza, Michael Park, Smit Patel, Kylee Reid Kieper, Charles Varga, Gwendolyn Vongkasemsiri, and Maya Zeng.


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