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How Cyber Athletes are Gaming the Job Market

US Cyber Games February 15, 2023
How Cyber Athletes are Gaming the Job Market - US Cyber Games

For cyber defenders, cybersecurity competitions are more than a game.

February 15, 2023Mastercard, a Season II, US Cyber Games sponsor observes how cybersecurity competitions use a gamelike format that offers a deceptively entertaining way to address the global shortage of cybersecurity professionals.

In their article "How cyber athletes are gaming the job market" members of the US Cyber Team talk about their experiences and how egaming offers real-time immersive experiences to help them recognize indicators and threats and respond with hands-on application of tools and techniques to fend off attacks.

“If we want our young people to become the talent base of the cybersecurity industry for years to come, they need a place to learn, grow and fail,” says Dr. Dane Brown, an assistant head coach of the US Cyber Team. “Giving them something educational that’s also fun brings them in, makes them feel engaged and welcome, and gives them a reason to continue coming back.”

Jon Brickey, a Mastercard Technology senior vice president who serves on the Cyber Games advisory board states, “We value these athletes’ skills and their strategic thinking, and we hope this kind of talent can help us meet the demands of protecting the digital economy.”

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The US Cyber Games Team is a traveling esports team. Each year, new athletes are considered for selection to the team. US Cyber Games is committed to informing and inspiring the broader community on ways to develop tomorrow’s diverse cybersecurity workforce. Our mission is to bring together elite cyber athletes, coaches, and industry leaders to help scout, train, and send a US Cyber Team to the International Cybersecurity Challenge. 


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