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World’s Top Cyber Athletes Compete in Global Cyber Games—March 19, 2022

US Cyber Games March 9, 2022
World’s Top Cyber Athletes Compete in Global Cyber Games—March 19, 2022

In a Castle vs Castle style competition, the best hackers from all over the globe will gather together for another game!

ASHBURN, VA – MARCH 9, 2022PlayCyber by Katzcy teams with SimSpace to bring the world’s top cyber athletes from around the globe together on March 19, 2022 to compete in the Global Cyber Games competition [https://www.playcyber.com/global-cyber-games]. Ten teams of cyber athletes from the International Cybersecurity Challenge (ICC) community (representing 64 countries) will compete in an attack and defend style game utilizing the SimSpace Cyber Range platform.

“For centuries, sports have served to foster global relationships through cooperation on common challenges. Today, cybersecurity as an esport is doing exactly that for our global workforce skills shortage,” says Jessica Gulick, CEO of Katzcy | PlayCyber. “We are excited and thankful to SimSpace for the opportunity to scrimmage before the June International Cyber Challenge in Greece.”

The game, provided by SimSpace, is designed to equally test the cyber attack and defensive skills for each team. In this “Castle versus Castle” challenge, each participating country will be provided a network (their castle), composed of predominantly Windows and Unix boxes and VyOS routers in their DMZ, and a standard set of defensive tools. The 15 person teams will then need to protect their castle from both other team attacks, and APT-based simulated attacks. Scoring will be based on thorough reporting of successful attacks, defensive measures and steps taken to strengthen against persistent threats.

“We're proud to power these Global Cyber Games with the SimSpace cyber range environment, upon which the next generation of cyber professionals can train, hone their skills, and defend against a wide variety of current and future cyberattacks,” said Shaun Walsh, vice president of marketing, SimSpace. “During the games, we’re excited to bring together the world’s elite cyber teams in the spirit of cooperation and competition, in order to both showcase their unique talents and to challenge one another to see which team rises to the top.”

Katzcy & PlayCyber have a shared vision for bringing the best of competitive cyber security to the esports style of viewership. To that end, we've partnered with one of the leading cybersecurity YouTube channels, Cyber Insecurity, to broadcast the competition. Cyber Insecurity's Neal Bridges, in addition to other industry experts, speakers, and shout casters, will be LIVE commentating on the players actions, both offensively and defensively, throughout the competition. Throughout the stream, viewers will get updates on recent plays with inside viewing of the attack and defenses, in addition to great discussions with cyber experts, and commentary on the leaderboard standings!

Partners of the event include PlayCyber, SimSpace Corporation, Cyber Insecurity, CyCognito, and the International Cybersecurity Challenge (ICC). Sponsorships are available at https://www.playcyber.com/global-cyber-games.

About Katzcy

Katzcy is a social impact company committed to helping build a diverse and high-performing tech and cybersecurity community through impactful marketing strategies for tech firms and skill-oriented tech competitions for the workforce. As a certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), Katzcy is dedicated to growth, innovation, and progress. Through our PlayCyber line of business, Katzcy hosts epic life-changing games such as US Cyber Games®, Wicked6, and more.

About SimSpace

SimSpace delivers the most comprehensive cybersecurity risk management platform, instilling confidence in an organization’s cybersecurity talent and technologies. With SimSpace, security teams, operational processes, and environments are continuously tested, readily available, and optimally tuned to defend against advanced adversaries. SimSpace: Secure with Confidence. For more information, visit: www.simspace.com.

About Cyber Insecurity

Cyber Insecurity is a cybersecurity community for the masses. We break down barriers in the conversation and focus on everything from hackers, threat hunters, risk management, to people who aren't even in the career field. We truly are an inclusive, positive, and supportive community focused on all aspects of Cyber. Get community access here: https://discord.gg/GQWU5G9.

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