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Register to Play
in the US Cyber Open CTF

The US Cyber Games® Open is a Capture the Flag (CTF) competition that includes a Competitive CTF and Beginner's Game Room. 

Everyone (all skill levels and all ages) is invited to play.




Register to Play  in the US Cyber Open


DEADLINE: June 9, 2023

US Cyber Open CTF

COMPETITION ENDS:  June 12, 2023

Get in the game. Learn about cyber gaming. Test your knowledge/skills. Rack up points. Beat your opponents to the top of the leaderboard.

  • Anyone interested in cybersecurity and cyber gaming can play.
  • There is no age limit and all skill levels are welcome.
  • This is an individual competition, so finding a team is not necessary to play.
  • Once registered, competitors will have the option to participate in the Competitive CTF, the Beginner's Game Room, or both.
  • Try new games and validate your current skills in cryptography, forensics, web, and more (see below).
  • Earn digital badges for your social profiles, applications, and resumes.
  • Win incredible prizes (U.S. residents only).
  • Have fun solving challenges.

US Cyber Open Capture the Flag (CTF) Challenges include:


Decrypting objects that are locked away from prying eyes with up-to-date cryptological processes will keep you busy.


Nitpick at tiny details in recovery data batches to try to get to the bottom of what happened. A keen eye and a lot of patience will help you go a long way as a forensic analyst.

Reverse Engineering

Using reversing tools, you’ll need to find out what a certain script or program does to find the flag.

PWN / Binary Exploitation

Show off your ability to dominate a system and gain access to privileged information. Then, you’ll create exploits that will make anyone lose their bits.


Web-based applications require you to detect, exploit and search through different vulnerable web applications. Don’t get lost, these challenges can be very intriguing.


Sharpen your cybersecurity gaming skills with mystery challenges.


 Request an Invite   to the US Cyber Combine

US Cyber Combine Invitational

COMBINE STARTS: July 7, 2023
COMBINE ENDS: September 1, 2023

If you think that you have what it takes and are interested in becoming a member of the US Cyber Team®, request an invitation to the US Cyber Combine.

The US Cyber Combine is where you will do your best to shine and show the coaches why you should be selected to be a member of the Season III, US Cyber Team. The Combine is designed to test you, but also to provide top athletes a unique experience to hear from leading experts in their field. The selected coaching staff will use this time to get to know each athlete and to understand their skills and competencies. Athletes that perform well during the Combine will have the opportunity to accumulate digital badges for performance and skills.

Your Combine invitation request application is more important than your US Cyber Games Open CTF scores. So, make sure that you put some time and effort into completing the application.

DEADLINE: June 9, 2023


Cyber athletes invited to the US Cyber Combine and potentially drafted onto the US Cyber Team MUST BE:

  No older than 25 years of age on August 31, 2024.

  A U.S. Citizen with the ability to obtain a U.S. passport.

  Willing and able to travel.


US Cyber Team Draft Day

Cyber athletes will be drafted to the US Cyber Team on October 16, 2023.

  • Time for training and preparation is entirely voluntary.
  • Time commitment will vary between 4-8 hours per week depending on your role and the progress of the season.
  • Travel expenses will be paid for those athletes who make the US Cyber Team and are chosen for the competition.

Show your Support. Become a  Sponsor  of the US Cyber Games & Team

The US Cyber Games depend on the generosity of our corporate and university sponsors. We all know that the success of our cybersecurity industry depends on sourcing and training talent to reduce the workforce gap. We’re seeking organizations to share our overall mission and sponsor this incredible one-of-a-kind program.