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Fireside Chat with Chris Haller

US Cyber Games June 5, 2024
Fireside Chat with Chris Haller

US Cyber Games Fireside Chat with Chris Haller

Season III, Pipeline Program Athlete Nathan Ord talks with Season III, US Cyber Team Red vs Blue Coach Chris Haller.

In this conversation, Chris Haller discusses his military background and how he got into cybersecurity. As a full-time Pen Tester, he enjoys learning and obtaining certifications to help him in his career.

Chris has competed in the President's Cup, NCL, HacktheBox, TryHackMe, Meta CTF, and many more competitions, and his favorite aspect of being a coach is mentoring athletes on the US Cyber Team.

Chris is looking forward to the team building its attack/defense experience to better prepare them for competition.

Static code analysis is one of his favorite things to train on.


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About Chris Haller

Christopher Haller is certified as GSE #329 and a US Navy Veteran who has a passion for uncovering operating risks for organizations. He has been awarded his Master's in Cybersecurity Management and Policy from UMGC and a Graduate Certificate in Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking from the SANS Technology Institute. Chris is a passionate CTF player, CTF coach, mentor, and HackTheBox creator. Chris has way too many certifications and will be publishing a book on computer hacking next year.

About Nathan Ord

Nathan is a graduate of Dakota State University. He attended the Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences and received a B.S. in Cyber Operations and an M.S. in Cyber Defense. Nathan is a member of the Season III, US Cyber Games Pipeline Program.


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