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Fireside Chat with Jacob Elliott

US Cyber Games June 5, 2024
Fireside Chat with Jacob Elliott

US Cyber Games Fireside Chat with Jacob Elliott

Season III, Pipeline Program Athlete Nathan Ord talks with Season II and III, US Cyber Team Capture the Flag (CTF) Coach Jacob Elliott.

In this conversation, Jacob Elliott discusses what a CTF is and talks about his favorite challenges and competitions. Learn about his educational background and how he got into the world of cybersecurity - playing for 48 hours and winning his first CTF.

Find out why he has a passion for cybersecurity and hear about the cybersecurity competitions he's played in and won. His most memorable CTF was the NSA Codebreaker Challenge in 2019.

Jacob Elliott discusses what a CTF is, his favorite challenges, and how you can link CTF skills to real-world work! Hard and soft skills are important. Working together as a team and offering to help others.

As the CTF coach of the Season II and III, US Cyber Team, Jacob is looking forward to the US Cyber Games program becoming the Cyber Olympics.

"It's good for your resume to say you traveled to Greece, Norway, Italy, or Chile to represent the United States at an international Cybersecurity competition," states Jacob.


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About Jacob Elliott

Jacob Elliott is a senior associate in the Software & DevOps Practice at Dark Wolf Solutions, LLC., a cybersecurity contractor working with numerous government and private entities. He was the CTF Coach for the Season II US Cyber Team and in his free time, he competes regularly in cyber challenges and boasts multiple national-level CTF wins including winning the Spring 2022 National Cyber League team game, representing the SANS Technology Institute. Additionally, he volunteers as a Cyber Competition Coach at the University of North Georgia alongside Senior Tech Mentor Dr. Bryson Payne. He has helped lead the student cybersecurity club to first-place finishes nationally in the NSA Codebreaker Challenge in 2019 and 2020, and second place in 2021.

About Nathan Ord

Nathan is a graduate of Dakota State University. He attended the Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences and received a B.S. in Cyber Operations and an M.S. in Cyber Defense. Nathan is a member of the Season III, US Cyber Games Pipeline Program.


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