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US Cyber Combine Kick-Off: Tech Mentor Bryson Payne

US Cyber Games July 28, 2021
Meet US Cyber Team Tech Mentor Bryson Payne

Meet US Cyber Team® Tech Mentor -  Bryson Payne.

Bryson Payne is a Professor, Director at the Center for Cyber Ops, and Author of Teach Your Kids to Code and Hacking for Kids. Mr. Payne attended the University of North Georgia, and has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Georgia State University, and has been reverse-engineering since 1984 (Commodore64). He was a Coach of the #1 NSA Codebreaker Challenge team and has been teaching cyber & CS since 1998. Bryson holds certifications in GREM, GPEN, CEH, GRID, and CISSP Reverse engineering. He holds an Order of Thor Award from the Military Cyber Professionals Association and is the 2021 Alumni Distinguished Professor at the University of North Georgia.

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