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US Cyber Games® News & Alerts: 2021 Combine Kick-Off

US Cyber Combine Kick-Off Welcome

US Cyber Combine Kick-Off: Welcome

Welcome to the US Cyber Combine!   Jessica Gulick, US Cyber Games® Commissioner, welcomes athletes, coaches, and fans to the US Cyber Combine Kick-Off.

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US Cyber Combine Kick-Off Opening Remarks

US Cyber Combine Kick-Off: Opening Remarks

The Importance of Cybersecurity as a Profession!   Meghan Good, VP and Director of the Cyber Accelerator at Leidos congratulates Athletes and Coaches and talks with US Cyber..

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US Cyber Combine Kick-Off Keynote Address

US Cyber Combine Kick-Off: Keynote Address

It's our Mission to Protect the Nation's Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber Threats.   Eric Goldstein, Executive Assistant Director for Cybersecurity for the Department of..

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Introduction of the US Cyber Games coaches

US Cyber Combine Kick-Off: Coach Introductions

Introducing the US Cyber Team® Coaching Staff!   We are proud to introduce the amazing coaches and mentors for the US Cyber Games®! Head Coach Dr. TJ OConnor, RvB Coach Rob..

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From Gamer to Security Analyst

US Cyber Combine Kick-Off: From Gamer to Security Analyst

From Gamer to Security Analyst - Play to Win!   Bradley Wolfenden, Senior Cyber Business Analyst at By Light Professional IT Services, LLC; Dr. James Stanger, Chief Technology..

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US Cyber Combine Kick-Off Final Remarks

US Cyber Combine Kick-Off: Final Remarks

Let the US Cyber Games® Begin!   Rodney Peterson, Director of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education at NIST in the U.S. Department of Commerce provides final remarks..

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US Cyber Team Head Coach TJ OConnor

US Cyber Combine Kick-Off: Head Coach TJ OConnor

Meet the US Cyber Team®'s Head Coach - Dr. TJ OConnor. Dr. TJ O'Connor serves as the Cybersecurity Program Chair and IoT S&P Lab Director at Florida Tech, where he helped create..

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US Cyber Team RvB Coach Rob Fuller

US Cyber Combine Kick-Off: RvB Coach Rob Fuller

Meet the US Cyber Team®'s RvB Coach - Rob Fuller.   Rob Fuller is the red versus blue coach. Rob served in the US Marine Corps, and has helped lead the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate..

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US Cyber Team CTF Coach Jasmine Jackson

US Cyber Combine Kick-Off: CTF Coach Jasmine Jackson

Meet US Cyber Team® CTF Coach -  Jasmine Jackson. Jasmine Jackson is the Jeopardy-style capture the flag coach. Jasmine is a senior applications security engineer for a Fortune..

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