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US Cyber Games News & Alerts: Featured Video

US Cyber Games announces first-ever US Cyber Team during draft day

US Cyber Games Draft Day 2021

US Cyber Games Draft Day Watch the first-ever US Cyber Team be announced. The team, selected during US Cyber Games Draft Day (October 5, 2021), is composed of 25 individuals,..

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US Cyber Combine Kick-Off Welcome

US Cyber Combine Kick-Off: Welcome

Welcome to the US Cyber Combine!   Jessica Gulick, US Cyber Games Commissioner, welcomes athletes, coaches, and fans to the US Cyber Combine Kick-Off.

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US Cyber Games Kick-Off: Keynote Address

Kick-Off Keynote Address   Hear from opening keynote speaker Roland Cloutier, of ByteDance & Tiktok, interviewed by Jessica Gulick, the US Cyber Games Commissioner, at the US..

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