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Building the Next US Cyber Team®

Over 1,200 athletes from 51 states and Washington, DC competed in the Season II, US Cyber Open™ CTF Competition, after which a select group of 85 athletes was invited to train and compete in the US Cyber Combine™ Invitational.

The US Cyber Combine is an inclusive, virtual camp focused on athlete training, evaluation, observation, and engagement to provide coaches an opportunity to identify the high-potential athletes to be selected for the Season II, US Cyber Team or the Pipeline Program (previously called the Accelerated Training Program).

On Monday, October 17, 2022, thirty (30) cybersecurity athletes were selected to represent the USA at various global scrimmages and the International Cybersecurity Challenge (ICC) in 2023 as the Season II, US Cyber Team. Twenty-three athletes were invited to join the Pipeline Program.

US Cyber Team

Meet the Season II   US Cyber Team 

Meet the Season II, Coaching Team

The Season II Coaching Team includes a number of coaches, senior technical mentors, and junior technical mentors.

The coaching team members were selected based on their knowledge, experience, and drive to develop a team of cyber athletes to compete in global competitions.

Congratulations to the following individuals who have been invited to participate in the US Cyber Games® Pipeline Program.

This program is a limited seat, by coach invitation only, program for US Cyber Combine athletes who demonstrate drive and potential but may benefit from additional cybersecurity training and mentoring and are interested in cybersecurity professions. This exclusive training program will allow athletes to take part in a four-month training program that can be renewed by the coaches based on participants’ continued dedication and progress. Athletes who perform well in the program are automatically invited to the next season’s US Cyber Combine.

  • Allyson Adam
  • Angela Castronuovo
  • Jake Crowley
  • Hannah Felize De Luna
  • Lauren Delwiche
  • Matt Ehrnschwender
  • Garv Gaur
  • Juan Pablo Gomez Postigo
  • Lloyd Gonzales
  • Isaiah Halsey
  • Chance Harrison
  • Dylan Knoff
  • John Nguyen
  • Reeanna Nyden
  • Nathan Ord
  • Arthur Perng
  • Katherine Sandys
  • Renee Schmidt
  • Nicholas Stegman
  • Joseph Taylor
  • Daniel Wang
  • Eddie Xiao
  • Alex Zhang

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